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Still Life With Mango
Still Life With Mango 8x10
Denise's Roses
Denise's Roses 14x18
The Italianate
The Italianate 14x18
Pink Still Life
Pink Still Life 16x20
Spring Morning
Spring Morning 16x20
Jean's Peppers
Jean's Peppers 8x10
Road to Colon
Road to Colon 16x20
Rose Island Light
Rose Island Light 16x20
Evening Skyline
Evening Skyline 16x20
House on Whitney
House on Whitney 16x20
Dutchman's Pipe
Dutchman's Pipe 9x15
Royal Mill
Royal Mill 8x10
The Inn
The Inn 16x20
Night Falls on the City
Night Falls on the City 16x20
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home 16x20
San Jose
San Jose 9x12